I’m finally live!

Hi and a very warm welcome to my blog and my first blog post – I did have a short one on here before but it was a test post that’s now been removed!

As you might have deduced from the blog name, my name is Katy. I’m currently based in London, living with my fiancé and working full-time. In my spare time (with what allows!), I will be writing posts on here as well as sharing inspiring ideas and updates on my social media pages. Where possible, I will try to post something on those pages every day.

The aim of my blog is to present my thoughts and progress on language learning, in addition to sharing topics about life in general and any travelling I make (and have previously made) both home and abroad.

A few weeks ago, myself and my fiancé stayed in the beautiful city of Innsbruck, Austria. It turned out to be one of the best holidays ever, as I was proposed to on top of Nordkette, a stunning set of mountains that sits near the border with Germany. This trip will be the subject of my next blog post as I go through the hundreds of photos we took and choose the best ones, plus pool together the most interesting parts of our holiday to mention here.

I am very much new to blogging. Although I wrote articles for newspapers and magazines when I was a teenager – I wanted to be a journalist growing up – this is the first time I’ve created a blog and I’m still learning the ropes at the moment. You may see a few changes to the look of the blog page as I perfect it to a style I am happy with. As time goes on as I build up my confidence, the amount of posts being published will increase.